1000 Litre, Clear HDPE, IBC Bulk Container, Square Bars, Plastic Base
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1000 Litre , Clear HDPE, IBC Bulk Container, Square Bars, Plastic Base

Used once for the transport of food products such as; Vegetable Glycerine (shower gel), Fruit Juice, Wine, Beer, other Soft Drinks, and Similar. Let us know what you need them for and we will check what we have.

UN: 31/HA1/Y/0319/D

Weight & Dimension
Height115 cm
Outside DiameterNA
Length100 cm
Width121 cm
Opening Inside DiameterEither 22 cm or 14 cm
Moulded Carry Handle/sNo


An Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), IBC Tote, or Pallet Tank, is a reusable industrial container designed for the transport and storage of bulk liquid and granulated substances.

Intermediate Bulk Containers are stackable containers mounted on a pallet designed to be moved using a forklift or a pump truck / pallet jack. The most common size is 1,040 liters, often listed as being 1000 liters.

IBCs are designed so they can be stacked vertically one above the other to a maximum of 3, using a forklift. All our tanks have a built-in tap with threaded outlet at the base of the container through which the contents can be decanted. The thread types are; 2”NB S60x6 Male (Most common), or 3”BSP Male, if you need a specific type of thread let us know, otherwise you will get whatever we have available.


Product Code100YSOJ480

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