About Us

****COVID-19 / STOCK: Our website displays all the containers we currently have in stock, we apologise that this is very little at present. Sadly due to the massive reduction in production of food & beverages throughout COVID-19 our supplies have virtually ground to a halt, as soon as we have new stock it will be added to the site.****

Based in North Dorset, we can supply small numbers of quality USED containers in various shapes and sizes.

Product availability is limited to our stock at the time of contact, the availability is down to whatever we are able to get hold of, and so stock fluctuates.

We also assist local firms who have used containers they need to clear, we offer free collection and competitive rates for certain containers subject to condition and transport economics.

Please send us a message to sales (at) dorsettubsandbarrels.co.uk with any requirements you may have.

Our customers have used our containers for all sorts of things including; brewing & cider making, oil / fuel storage / fuel tank change-outs, waste storage, scrap bins, animal shelters / dog kennels, pond filters, raft building, rainwater, planters, cabbage pickling, paint, scaffold weights, vessel (narrowboat) ballast, coal bins, poultry shelters, cartridge bins, planters, animal feed, chemical stripping baths, marquee weights, flood defences, fish tanks, composters, aquaponics, aquaculture, hay dispensers, rubbish bins, vehicle distribution yard bollards (won’t dent cars if only a light ballast is used), large oil drainage pans for lorries (cut bottoms off), and many other uses....

Tomfoolery with our barrels at the 2017 New Years Day 'Bath Tub Race' at Poole Quay:

We have the transport to deliver up to 24 IBC's, or 80 Barrels, or a mix of both, in one load.